Llanelli Waterside Register Interest

We’re creating a vibrant and modern space in which people can enjoy working, living and playing.

An environment where stylish and contemporary office buildings, attractive housing developments, as well as lively restaurants, bars, theatres and a wealth of other cultural and leisure facilities, sit comfortably together around expanses of sparkling water and lush green parkland.

At Delta Lakes, the 34 acre site adjacent to the coastal link road is ideal for a mix of commercial and business development. Overlooking the lake and parkland on one side, and the coastline on the other, the aspect is particularly appealing. Two storey contemporary office developments for single or multiple uses are also envisaged for Delta Lakes possibly incorporating an “office village” complex for smaller end-users. These office developments would naturally fit towards the coastal-facing front of the park offering future tenants high profile accommodation.

Considered to be Llanelli Waterside’s most prestigious business park location there is an opportunity to develop a mixed use and modern business park in line with the partners’ desire to attract companies from key growth sectors such as the Life Sciences; Private Healthcare and Financial Services sectors.